Drugs Used to Treat Gout Attacks

Drugs Used to Treat Gout AttacksWhen gout attacks become severe and natural gout remedies along with healthy habits no longer work, it’s time that your resort for more accurate treatments like the over the counter and prescribed drugs used to treat gout and its symptoms. Gout medications do not provide the same effect. Some patients may need to switch from one drug to another, and some patients may need to take higher dosage. Nevertheless, when treated with the right drug, these medicines can help treat and prevent the recurrence of gout attacks.

There are a lot of over the counter drugs out in the market that promises gout relief, but before you buy any of these drugs its best to consult your doctor about it, especially if you are looking at anti-gout drugs that are taken orally. Remember to only take the prescribed medicines because no matter how knowledgeable you are with drugs, self medication is dangerous to your health.

Drugs Used to Treat Gout and its Symptoms


Colchicine is commonly prescribed among gout patients to relieve and prevent the aggravation of pain from gout attacks. At a glance, colchicine is extracted from the plant Autumn Crocus or Colchicum. This drug that has long been used as a treatment for gout, acts by inhibiting the inflammations that cause uric acid crystal deposits in the joints. In addition, Colchicine is also prescribed for gout patients who cannot take non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDS.

Contraindications: Gout patients who have the following health conditions should avoid or used this drug with caution to prevent unexpected side effects.

  • Liver disease

  • Inflammatory bowel disease

  • Kidney disease

  • Low white blood cell count

Although this drug has shown effectiveness in reliving gout symptoms, it is used only to reduce inflammation and for pain relief but not to cure and eliminate gout. Moreover, colchicine may include side effects such as vomiting and nausea. Therefore, proper caution must be observed when taking this drug.


Allopurinol is a drug used to prevent gout attacks. Also known as a preventive drug, allopurinol prevents the release of a substance called xanthine oxidase, which helps decrease the amount of uric acid levels in the blood. Moreover, this preventive drug can also be used to prevent gout recurrence and tophi formation.

Who Can Take this Medicine?

  • Patients who suffers from cancer
  • Patients with allergies to uricosuric medicines
  • Patients with poor kidney functions
  • Patients with history of uric acid kidney stones
  • Patients with suffers from the over production of uric acid


People who have known sensitivity to allopurinol should avoid taking this drug and look for other drugs to treat gout attacks.

When taking this drug, gout patients should avoid alcoholic beverages because it can reduce the potency of allopurinol. Moreover, Side effects such as skin rashes and reduce blood count are highly associated with the intake of this drug. Hence proper monitoring and strict compliance on the doctor’s prescription should be observed at all times.

Both drugs have shown effectiveness in treating gout attacks. However, before using any of the two, its best to visit your doctor and get some prescriptions, to ensure that you get the right drug to relieve your gout symptoms.

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