Foods to Lower Uric Acid Levels

Foods to Lower Uric Acid LevelsWhile it’s good to drink medicines and natural food supplements to treat gout, including foods that can lower uric acid levels is more helpful to prevent gout and its symptoms. Food sources that are high in purine can increase uric level and make you prone to develop frequent gout attacks, knowing this it’s best to avoid these foods as prevention.

High uric acid levels not only cause gout it can also lead to kidney stone and other health conditions. You can address this health issue by making little changes to your lifestyle and eating habits. To head start, your fight against high uric acid and its complications you cast start making your diet healthier by incorporating foods that reduce uric acid levels naturally.

Foods to Lowe Uric Acid Levels

Beans and Seeds

Beans and seeds are natural food sources that are rich in fiber, protein, iron and folic acid. These foods are best added on your diet to prevent frequent gout attacks. According to research, beans and seeds such as pinto beans, sunflower seeds and lentils have high levels of folic acid that can help reduce uric acid in the blood. Although these nutritious foods are best added on your diet, some of its variant has high purine which can trigger gout and its symptoms. Therefore, it’s important that you carefully choose what you place on your platter.


Fresh berries are rich with antioxidants, especially the dark pigmented berries. Dark-colored berries like cherries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and purple grapes are known to help lower uric acid levels in the body and improve gout treatment. You can eat these berries as it is or add them on your breakfast oats to create a hearty meal.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has long been used to treat high blood pressure, induce weight loss and alleviate gout symptoms. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, which can effectively treat and prevent gout symptoms by balancing the body’s pH. As a result, gout patients experience fewer attacks. To use apple cider vinegar to treat gout, you can add three spoons of vinegar to 8 ounces of water and drink it three times daily.

French bean Juice

French Bean Juice may not be as popular as fresh juices. Nevertheless, this juice is loaded with nutrients and provides many health benefits.  Better news is, when taken daily, this juice can help lower your uric acid levels and treat gout. If you are not a fan of veggie juice, you can look for more French bean juice recipes that you can try to create a delicious version of French bean extract.

Celery Seeds

Celery Seeds is used as an herbal medicine since the ancient times. It is used to treat or alleviate symptoms of various health conditions such as Kidney problems, bladder disorders, cystitis and gout. This herbal medicine works by aiding the kidney in excreting toxins like uric acid from the system. Gout patients who suffer from excess uric acid deposits because of too much uric acid concentration can make use of celery seeds to improve their condition and prevent recurrent gout attacks.

Here are the commonly used foods to lower uric acid in the blood. Adding all or any of these food sources on your diet, helps relieve and treat gout symptoms.

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